Coeur d’Alene Businesses Can Boost Sale with VIC Cards

Contact your local CDA printer and have VIC (Very Important Customer) cards printed that entitle the cardholder to terrific discounts on products and services the: your Idaho business sells as well as access to special any VIC promotions that you create throughout the year, such as free product or service training workshops, special manufacturers discounts, and VIC appreciation parties and events.

Giving Incentive

Create and distribute VIC cards as a way to thank your best customers and secure new customers, as well as bolster sales and profits. Distribute the VIC cards to customers and employees and let them in turn give them to` friends and family members as a special gift. Also make sure to include a line on the card where the giver can sign their name, so you can gift that person with something for helping to promote your Idaho business by distributing your VIC cards. A special incentive to show that you appreciate their hard work and effort, VIC cards are a powerful marketing tool that just about every business can benefit from. They are very inexpensive to have printed professionally; you can even design them on your PC and print them yourself if your budget is tight.